Going all the way back to the early ‘90s, Tim and David have been writing songs together. This is the page where you can hear some of them, and buy them should you be so inclined.

We’re proud to announce our latest collection of songs. It’s a whole album’s worth, but we’ve decided to release them in smaller, bite-sized chunks to start – a few songs per album. The latest one, entitled “Pro.,” is below. Check it out. You can buy the whole EP, just a song or two, whatever you want. You can even pay whatever you want. There’s a minimum, but if you want to pay more, no one’s stopping you.

Also, keep in mind, that although we’ve been at this for over 20 years, we haven’t given up on our dream to become wildly rich and ridiculously famous. So feel free to help spread the word about our music.

Here’s the first EP, “Oh.”

So Fine A Lady
So Fine A Lady
Here are some samples of songs from our new album “So Fine a Lady,” which you can buy right this minute at cdbaby.com. Just click on the “play” icon next to the song you want to hear and it’ll start playing:

17th Chromosome

Too Complex



Tony Woo




Chickenshit Romeo

Goin’ Away

Ant Invasion

Bonus Sample*
*Listen to this one if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to listen to all the songs separately.
All Doped Up
All Doped Up
How ’bout a few complete songs — digitized directly from cassette — from our first album, “All Doped Up”? This album was recorded in David’s dank basement using a Fostex four-track tape recorder back in 1992, and it shows. Chip & Drifty was a brand-new band at the time. That sorta shows, too. But it was a blast to record those songs. Enjoy.


All Doped Up

Christmas Belle, Part 1

Ode to Mark

The Waltz

And as a special bonus, you can click here to download all five songs to keep for your very own.