On some level, you probably are.

Chip & Drifty is David Levine and Tim Curran, but definitely and not necessarily in that order. Chip & Drifty is the realization of all those teenagers who become best friends, listen to and write music, and say, “Wouldn’t it be great if we stayed friends and kept doing this?” That’s pretty much what we’ve done.

We wrote our first song in a Portland basement when we were 19 or 20. It (the song) used the corny metaphor of a carousel, but turned out to be a decent song. So like all bands we moved forward with blind confidence. Since then we’ve written songs about malls, platypuses, the French, Shakespeare meets the Old West, our moms, the French again, and so on. Now we’re in our 30s and one of us lives in L.A. and one lives in Portland. And we’re still friends. So maybe somewhere in that story is the Chip & Drifty in you.

And then maybe the Chip & Drifty in you is more philosophical. For years, people have asked us which one of us is Chip and which one is Drifty. We’ve undertaken all sorts of gimmicks and stories to avoid telling the truth — come check out our live show — but we’ll never tell. However, along the way we have discovered some interesting insights about Chip & Drifty that we never expected.

You see, we think that everyone has a little bit of Chip and a little bit of Drifty in them. You know how some mornings you wake up Drifty while others you wake up Chip? That’s what we’re talking about. You can’t be expected to always be one way. You must have one to have the other. In China, we might be called “Yin & Yang.” David always wanted to be a Yang. Tim has always wanted to be a Yin. It’s not pretty. But it is fun.